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November 7, 2014

The ever green world of smartphones and smart accessories leave no day to marvel and fascinate us. Moreover, the launch of every new product the very next day continuously excites and provokes us to make another purchase of some great smart gadget or decorative accessory.

This happens especially if and when we roam around and get to observe that everyone is playing on a smartphone gadget or getting any decorative covers or skins for their loveable phones. On the top of that, the manufacturers of the fleet of these beasts of smartphones and other accessories are leaving no stone unturned to push the limits of technology to new heights.

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Ideally speaking, there is no one smart mobile that is up to the requirements and range of everyone since all people have their own personal preferences and demands. However, it may generally be agreed that there are few of models which may be considered ranking amongst the top 10 smartphones. Since June earlier this year, several new phones have popped up in the markets.

Here we would be taking a glance at one current top ranking smartest mobile. Furthermore, you are hereby advised to feel free to get in contact with us with your opinions.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

The famous brand company Apple unveiled its latest model of the year in September this year. The new gadget is known as iPhone 6 Plus. Right from the hour of launch, thousands of crowds rushed for preorder the smartest mobile 6 Plus. Sugar daddy lovers cannot wait to hold this smart bride of Apple. The launch of Apple’s most loved gadget was welcomed with millions of sale of its units.

Let us have a look at its specs. The smartest 6 Plus has a resolution display of 5.5-inches 1920 x 1080 rd. With a 28GB capacity, its storage has been boosted up. The phone also some other unique specs: The Apple Pay is supported by NFC. Advanced A8 chip and M8 coprocessor has further added to its work capacity.Mostly there are a bit of things unavailable in every smart device.

 The missing features could be waterproof capability, wireless charging and infrared feature owever, these all desires have been fulfilled by Apple with its smartest iphone 6 plus.

Apple's bendgate fiasco

November 7, 2014

As everybody predicted at the fiasco of bend of the iphone 6 and 6 plus, they thought that the smart brand Apple could never bother to properly address the issue but it was not like that. Nobody ever thought that the company would never ordinarily incorporate some changes in the product of the iPhone 6 Plus.

In addition, nobody ever imagined that they would like to fix the issue. However, it is not unveiled that that Apple has fixed the issue. Everybody is surely waiting anxiously to find this confirmation. But, despite all these boos and jeers, it appears that the smartphone brand of Apple has silently altered the way it manufactured the 6 Plus mobile.

This story was first revealed from Reddit user doctor kuddles source. Doctor kuddle has a couple of tit bits of interesting evidence to support this idea of bend mending. The doctor maintains that he recently bought an iPhone 6 Plus with 126GB. While, his wife's 16GB iPhone 6 Plus was later purchased. His wife’s smartphone was bought soon after the launch in September this year. He stated that he noted some differences and changes between his iPhone and his wife's.

His examination of the smartphone included simple tapping on the cover. He figured out the difference in sound quality. He pulled out a stethoscope as he was a doctor in order to listen to the smart mobiles. He found that the sound of his handset was much more dulled and toned-down, while his spouse’s handset had an immaculate solid sound quality as compared to his own device.

He then placed his loveable phone on a scale. He came to learn that his model was as heavier as 21g. In the contrast, his wife's device was much lesser. In order to confirm this, he contacted iFixit. The iFixit team purchased a new iPhone 6 Plus.

The smart brand was found to be having 0.8g heavier than at time of the launch. You can Buy Mobile Phones in Dubai by visiting our web and you also get extra stories on the products. There could be bundles of reasons of this. Perhaps, this fiasco could be something totally borne out by uncertain developments. Perhaps, it could be the reason of the changes in the process of manufacture. Or even perhaps, this whole thing could be doctor’s fake story. To say the least, it is very much relieving and relaxing because Apple quietly fixed this issue without saying anything.

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